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primadonna girl 

✿ all i ever wanted was the world 

Is that bow taped onto that snake

I’m pretty sure that’s kind of a fuckin’ bad thing to do

u fuckin serious m8 it was literally a pencil eraser sized boop of double sided tape gently laid on her head so the bow would stay on 

i promise you my twelve foot long, 30-pound burmese python survived a boop of tape to the noggin

i’ve given up on stopping the force of this post let’s get this sumbitch to 200k




What if colleges only made you pay the percentage of tuition that you failed, so if you got an average of 86 for the year you’d only have to pay 14% of the tuition, but if you got a 94 then it’d only be 6%. That way we’d be rewarding the success and even if you flunked the semester, you still wouldn’t have to pay for ALL of the tuition

You are the future. 

Please run for president

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Dad Jokes: They’re So Legit Now 👨 by Thomas Sanders

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